WorkPort - Collaboration Tool

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WorkPort provides a fully integrated work-life experience built on WorkPort's advanced, mobile and cloud-enabled enterprise framework. Deploy hosted or on-premise to maximize privacy and security.

WorkPort Features:

  • Unified, Persistent Workspace
  • Just as Amazon and eBay unify the shopping experience across multiple storefronts, WorkPort unifies the work experience across multiple enterprise and department applications and interfaces. Open product architecture ensures quick and easy integration with enterprise and point-solution applications and platforms.

  • Ordered, Context-based Discussions
  • Business-based collaboration is fundamentally a different kind of conversation — more sustained and more purposeful. WorkPort extends the principles of "social" networking, enabling internal team members and subject-matter experts to quickly connect, brainstorm, problem solve, and exchange information in a specific topic or project context.

  • Global, Business-based Communities
  • Create open, moderated, or restricted communities in just three steps. Discover communities and view in a mashup or  consolidated timeline. WorkPort leverages popular social conventions including “likes”, @mentions, and #hashtags, as well as bookmarks, sticky notes, and HTML tags.

  • Integrated Business Process Workflows
  • Not just a System of Engagement. Not just a System of Record. WorkPort combines collaboration and workflow into an integrated System of Work. Leverage a library of pre-built workflows, create new workflows, or link existing workflows from other enterprise systems. Attach collaboration elements to any work entity.

  • Full-featured Search & Knowledge Management
  • WorkPort's knowledge management methodology ensures that employees can quickly tag, classify, correlate, and memorialize information and discussions. Users can engage across geographies and time-zones to stay continuously connected, entertained, (and even productive).

  • Integrated Feature Builder
  • Expand and extend your WorkPort solution using the integrated WorkPort Builder tool:

    • Import or create custom workflows, forms, reports and dashboards
    • Define app-specific notifications/alerts
    • Mine data repositories
    • Register and publish apps

    Virtually any action that can be taken from an application's native interface can be automated and routed to WorkPort’s centralized activity window for one-button response.

  • State-of-the-Art Integration Framework
  • Data, service and application-level integration enabled via decoupled application layers, an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture, APIs, and ETL. Multiple integration levels include:

    Level 1: Shortcuts to other systems which can be launched from WorkPort Panels

    Level 2: Flow of notifications from external systems into the Activity Stream. Launch applications (in native UI) to perform actions

    Level 3: Actionable notifications flows from external systems. Perform actions directly from WorkPort UI.

    Level 4: Actionable work streams with contextual information where applications are co-developed using WorkPort reference framework and standards